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-  Tighten and secure that "hi-hat clutch" so it doesn't come loose while               you are playing !

-  Tighten and secure those "cymbal stands" and "tom rack stands" so               they don't come loose while you are performing !

-  Tighten those "equipment stands," "mounting racks," "percussion                  stands" & any 1/2 inch nuts or bolts ! ...Yeah those ROC-n-SOC seat nuts !

-  Tighten those "cow bells, wood blocks " and/or "Claw Clamps" so they            don't come loose while you are playing !

-  Stop destroying your gear with those pliers !

-  The NEW All-in-One WingKey is designed to be a multi-functional tool,             with a handy  standard "drum key" at one end to let  you tune your                 drumheads. . .  and a socket on the other end so you can use it to tune          conga and bongo heads, as well as, timbales !
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"Products I personally believe in... endorse and use proudly"... WingKey Inventor... Frank D. Parise.
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Nov 2007 issue
This new revolutionary tool... the WingKey, helps drummers and percussionist alike, to securely tighten and loosen the numerous wing nuts found on hardware stands, clamps and accessories through out the musical hardware world... and much more !
The "Gibraltar-WingKey"
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